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Thursday, March 22

Are you a "Fred Head"?

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OrdinaryColoradan said...

Yes, I am a Fred Head.

And damned proud of it!

Folks, feel free to post comments here, I'll keep this article at the top by re-dating it throughout the day.

Im trying to figure out what message board software I can use with blogspot.

Just to let you know a bit about this site; I am a registered Republican, I worked hard in the 06 campaign in the 7th CD over in Aurora, which we lost, badly, in spite of heroic efforts on the phone banks and precinct walks.

I decided to jump up to support the potential candidate I know can win Colorado - and the candidate that best fits my politics & beleifs, and most of all - the candidate that is Best for our Nation.

Fred Dalton Thompson

So yeah, I'm a Fred Head. Why else would I have started a blog and put time and effort into this for free?


Colo Conservative said...

OC, I agree with you, but I'm fed up with the "country club" old-boy set that keeps feeding us bad candidates and making tactical errors like giving up the safe 7th CD seat for a terrible run at the governorship. Mike Coffman would have won a Gov had Beauprez and John Andrews not maneuvered him out of the way to get Bob-B in. I'm over in Jeffco on the other side of the 7th, and angry that we let the seat go.

There was no excuse for losing so badly to someone as far left as Perlmutter given how politically center-right the 7th CD is. The O'Donnell campaign was a lesson in inertia and ineptitude - for example, I did not get the McCain endorsement mailer until after I had already early voted. Rick was lackluster as a campaigner, they didn't spend enough money early to counter the lies in the attack ads, fumbled their response to criticisms of that old O'Donnell position paper, and never really showed any fire or passion for establishing or defending conservative positions. Now we are stuck with the task of trying to dig an incumbent out of a seat that Beauprez would have carried handily.

They didn't listen to us the last election cycle about Beauprez, or the one before that when we got Pete Coors instead of the conservative we wanted (and ended up with Salazar).

I'm hoping the state and county party can find their guts and start NOW to get good conservative candidates that campaign hard at all levels (instead of the poor candidates we had the last election). But I doubt it - I checked the "news" on the state web site and it was all from AUGUST OF 2006, piles of stupid anti-Ritter stuff. Sheesh. They DO NOT GET IT.

Nor was there any excuse for leaving so many local races abandoned. Apparently the county and state haven't a clue on how to "grow the bench" and get good candidates at local level in preparation to run at the state legislature level.

Since I have little faith in the Arapahoe County or JeffCo Repubs leadership nor that of the Colorado state party, I figured I had to do things myself when it came to finding a candidate for 2008 to support, instead of waiting for the old leadership to do the same dilatory things they have been doing that lost us this state.

I figure those folks have proven that they do not lead well, but maybe they can follow if we, the grass roots, give them enough of a clue. And to do that we need to find the right conservative to run. True conservative. Well spoken. Respected. Smart.

Along comes Fred Thompson.

Big. Huge. Clue.

I'm not going to let the same bunch of country club Repubs that gave us a Democratic Governor, State Senate, State House and threw away 2 congressional seats get away with overriding us conservative again.

The time to act is now - get Fred in the mix and ahead of the pack before they can crown Rudy as king.

Run Fred RUN!

Mr Bob said...

I haven't decided if I like Fred or Hunter best yet, but that is mostly because Fred hasn't come out swinging yet (some think he has but I think he's just testing the waters and trying to move the debate in the "right" direction)

I put your link on my blogroll...keep up the good work.

You said "We have seen the War on Terror and President Bush's other policies seriously threatened by his weakness in political communication."

This is my frustration in a nutshell...where is Reagan or anyone remotely like him?

OrdinaryColoradan said...

Colo Conservative: thats a lot of "iunside baseball" stuff you're talking. Its "above my paygrade" as we used to say.

But looking back, I think you are exactly right - the guys at the top of the party here in Colorado just did not "get it" when it came to Beauprez staying put, O'Donnell's campaign (or lack there of), and the way I saw the state party basically just quit trying at all in our area - and most of the others. The only exception was in the Musgrave race, and that Coffman and Suthers would not let them quit on their races.

Thanks for adding another reason to push for Fred: the top of the party doesn't get it, and we will have to drag them along by the grass roots, just like we had to do with Reagan.

We are the working-man "Reagan" side of the party talking, not the Rockefellers (like Andrews and his country club gang).

All the more reason for Fred to run - lets shake up (and wake up) the Colorado Republican party.

OrdinaryColoradan said...

Mr BoB - thanks for the link.

I'm making a Colorado Link List - and you're on it with the Rocky.