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Sunday, March 25

Denver Post becoming aware of Fred Thompson

Surprised they noticed - and even more surprised they said a nice thing about him. I suppose the "Actor" label is all the liberals can come up with, but these guys do mention the time he spent as a "Staffer" (ahem, Watergate Chief Counsel folks!!). But hey, if a Conservative Republican can get a good word from the Denver Post editorial staff (usually very left), I'll take it.

And then there's Fred Thompson, the former congressional staffer and actor who became a U.S. senator and then went back to TV. He's being encouraged to run by Republicans who think he has "a blue-collar, pickup-truck appeal," as one report noted, that might lure independents and moderate Democrats.

Who knows? The last actor the Republicans nominated seemed to do OK.

Courtesy of the Denver Post Editorials

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