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Tuesday, March 20

Finally, a Republican Candidate I WANT to vote for

I am tired of voting Republican mainly because the other candidates are worse.

So what am I faced with now for Republicans in 2008?

Giuliani is a product of 9/11 - prior to it, he was only marginally Republican (certainly not conservative) and headed into tough waters as Mayor of NYC. His social views do not differentiate him from the Democrat candidates much at all, so if I want those views in office, why not vote Hillary or Obama and get the real thing?

McCain is too embedded in Washington DC inside-the-beltway politics and K-Street. His is also getting a bit older, and (my opinion only) seems to have this sense of entitlement and a temper when it gets denied. He wasn't the right candidate in 2000, and isn't the right person now.

Romney appears to me to simply be an opportunist who will change his stripes to fit the occasion. Plus, like it or not, his religion will be an issue. The whispering is already ongoing and will turn vicious once the Democrats start in on him with the bucket of dirty tricks by front organizations (like those funded by Soros).

So I am voting in self defense if any of those make it. Not out of passion, but of duty to ensure that we have a president that will at least be serious about winning "the long war", the war on terror.

But, in the famous words of Yoda... "there is another..."

Fred Thompson in his words and his record represents the type of person I want as a president.

I will be posting more here in the coming days to help visitors get acquainted with Fred Dalton Thompson, who he is, where he stands, and what he is about.

This should help you decide if he is the kind of candidate you want to vote for instead of have to vote for. I know it has done so for me.