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Tuesday, March 20

Rush Limbaugh on the Fred Thompson possible candidacy

Rush Limbaugh on FDT

You might be interested in Fred Thompson on the issues. He's not as well known issue-wise as perhaps Giuliani and McCain. He's maybe on a par with Mitt Romney. But here's just a little summary of his position on various issues. He's pro-life. He believes that federal judges should overturn Roe vs. Wade. (He thinks it's bad law and bad medical science.) He opposes gay marriage but would let states decide whether to allow civil unions. He says marriage is between a man and a woman; judges shouldn't be allowed to change that. He opposes gun control. He praised last week's 2-1 federal appeals decision overturning a long-standing handgun ban in the District of Columbia. His remark was basically the court said the Constitution means what it says. He supports the surge, the increase of troops to Iraq, and said, "Wars are full of mistakes. You rectify them. I think we're doing that now. We've got to give it a chance to work."

He said he would pardon Scooter Libby on his conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice, and he would do it now rather than waiting until all of his appeals are exhausted. I got a bunch of e-mails from people over the weekend after this had been announced that were very excited. Look, this is anecdotal. I'm not saying this means anything. I'm just sharing with you some of the reaction. I haven't gotten it about any of the others. The closest to it would be Giuliani, I guess, but not in the scope of what I got from people talking about Fred Thompson. He is thought to be authoritative with a lot of presence and so forth and so on. It gets more and more interesting out there. Then in the Prowler at the American "'Anyone who doubts that [former Sen.] Fred [Thompson] isn't the real deal needs to look at his performance on Sunday and rethink things,' says a senior Republican National Committee official. 'You can't watch him or read the transcript and wonder what the dynamic would be like with him in the race.' He's referring to Thompson's appearance on Fox News Sunday, where, unlike candidates like Gov. Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain, Thompson has no problem addressing where he stood on issues from abortion, gun control, and campaign finance reform. 'It isn't just Fred,' says the RNC official. 'You see and hear [former Gov.] Jeb [Bush] and you realize what the GOP field is missing. You see those two guys and you want to vote for them. With most of the guys in the race now you just feel like eventually you're going to have to vote for them simply out of party loyalty.'"

This is an RNC official speaking.

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