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Thursday, March 22

Draft Thompson panel off and running!

Its official - we now have a Draft Thompson federally registered organization!

Get out the checkbook if you can afford it - and as always have the courtesy to read the whole thing at the originating site. (Bumped for overnight viewing, original post 3/21 10:18 MDT)

Washintgon -- The "Draft Fred Thompson" for president committee is legally formed, accepting donations and seeking volunteers and VIPs for its bandwagon, Treasurer Dean Rice said.


Rice, who works in Knoxville and ran Thompson's East Tennessee field office for nearly four years when he was a senator, was a Southern coordinator for Elizabeth Dole's 2000 presidential campaign. He also worked for Duncan in his Knoxville field office for nearly four years before joining a government relations company.

Rice said he hopes that the Web site will help attract enough Thompson supporters and public attention to convince Thompson to run. Thompson's nationally televised appearance March 11 on Fox News helped stoke the Thompson buzz among Republicans in some parts of the country.

The draft campaign is accepting donations up to $2,300 per person to build up its Web site and pay for ads or promotional material to drive many folks to check out the Thompson Web site and consider backing him.


Rice said the draft committee, legally formed with a filing at the Federal Election Commission, cannot be coordinated or connected with Thompson. So, Rice said he didn't talk to Thompson about forming the committee.

Courtesy of Richard Powell in the Knoxville News


Thompson's draft effort is also being supported by Reps. Gresham Barrett (R-SC), Jeff Miller (R-FL) and Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA), Wamp said. (Wamp is Rep Zach Wamp, R-Tenn)

Addendum Courtesy of ABC News)