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Wednesday, March 21

Mainstream press begins their attacks: Just an Actor?

Looks like Bill Hobbs has figured out how the mainstream press will try to denigrate and defeat Fred Thompson

Thompson, the LAT said, "positioning himself to answer the call and, perhaps, follow the script that saw Ronald Reagan jump from Hollywood to the White House."

Actually, Reagan didn't "jump from Hollywood to the White House." He was a successful and popular two-term governor of California in between his acting career and his presidency.

Likewise, Thompson is not just an actor who plays conservative leader types on TV and the silver screen. He's not even primarily an actor, and unlike Reagan, acting was not even his first career.

Thompson was, at first, an attorney and prosecutor - real-life roles with major accomplishments that lead him, through a quirk of fate, to a second career as an actor.

Courtesy of Elephant Biz